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Add unlimited custom contact forms to your site. Create custom fields by selecting the input type, validation, error messages and more. Includes CAPTCHA validation to provide a fully customized and safe email form.

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  • Create custom fields (input, textarea, radio list, checkbox, etc.)
  • Set field titles.
  • Custom error messages.
  • Validation options for each filed.
  • Specify required fields.
  • Set minimum and maximum characters allowed for a field.
  • Set width and height.
  • Add description text below each field, great for providing additional instructions.
  • Custom «Send» button text.
  • CAPTCHA validation.


Form Usage

Add forms to your pages using shortcodes. You can quickly insert a form with all available fields using the basic:

Basic Contact Form Shortcode


You can also insert a custom form specifying exactly which fields to use and override any defaults you like by entering:

Advanced Contact Form Shortcode

[code][raw][contact_form to=»» subject=»Message Subject» thankyou=»Thank you message» button=»Text for Button» captcha=»yes» fields=»field-1,field-2,field-3,field-4″ ][/raw][/code]

Each time you create a new field you must specify an alias, or «key», for that field. Using the alias name in the shortcode «fields» option you can include only the fields you choose from all available fields.

Contact Form Shortcode Parameters »

[one_third_last] [styled_image w=»218″ h=»300″ align=»right» alt=»Contact Form Admin Options» lightbox=»yes» image=»385″] [clear] [message_box type=»inset»]Contact Form – Options[/message_box]
[clear] [styled_image w=»218″ h=»300″ align=»right» alt=»Contact Form – Add custom field» lightbox=»yes» image=»386″] [clear] [message_box type=»inset»]Contact Form – Custom Fields[/message_box]

[/one_third_last] [clear]


Form with CAPTCHA


[one_half] [contact_form fields=»name,email,phone-number,comments»]
[/one_half] [one_half_last] Using the default contact form options for most settings, the form produced to the left specifies only the fields option to select which inputs to display. All other settings such as CAPTCHA, thank you message, send button text, etc. are retrieved from the defaults configured in «Settings > Theme Settings > Contact Form»

[code][raw][contact_form fields=»name,email,phone-number,comments»][/raw][/code]

All Shortcode Parameters »



Form with Custom Fields


[one_half] [contact_form fields=»first-name,last-name,organization,phone-number,email,contact-method,other-info» captcha=»no» button=»Submit This Request»]
[/one_half] [one_half_last] This form specifies most of it’s settings in the shortcode to override the defaults. Below is the code used to generate the following form. It includes custom fields created from the contact form settings.

[code][raw][contact_form fields=»first-name,last-name,organization,phone-number,email,contact-method,other-info» captcha=»no» button=»Submit This Request»][/raw][/code]

All Shortcode Parameters »



[message_box type=»note» icon=»yes»]A complete list of all shortcode parameters is available on the contact form shortcode page.[/message_box]

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